MCC Announces its Representation of Saint-Louis and Puiforcat

MCC is delighted to announce its representation of Saint-Louis and Puiforcat, two of the world’s most coveted brands. Unrivalled, luminous and born of a ball of fire and the breath of man, Saint-Louis crystal vibrates with the talent inherited from history and creative fantasy inspired by contemporary trends. Since 1586, Saint-Louis has produced extraordinary crystal-glass items created by master glassmakers and glasscutters in their workshop located in Les Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, each piece beautifully representing the most advanced techniques in coloring the crystal, hot shaping, cold cutting, patterning, engraving and gold ornamenting. Saint-Louis’s beloved product ranges from colorful glassware and exquisite paperweights, to stunning lighting fixtures, decorative vases and more. Astounding in its craftsmanship and offering sparkling product for the table and beyond, Puiforcat was founded by the Puiforcat family in 1820. Throughout its illustrious history, the luxury brand has expertly reproduced masterpieces from Louis-Victor Puiforcat’s silverwork collection, now preserved at the Louvre, produced custom works and collaborated with today’s designers to create contemporary pieces that will become tomorrow’s classics. From planishing and spinning, to etching and chasing, the artistic touch of the silversmith’s hand is reflected in every brilliant piece. Puiforcat’s collections include flatware, serving accessories, decorative objects and much more, all available in a wide range of classic and modern styles to suit any taste. For more information on either brand, each of which offers a prestigious legacy, superior craftsmanship and a modern vision for their luxury lifestyle products, please reach out to or